About Us

Who Are We ?

We have seen many products without quality at a high price, So, we decided to create BAZENN in 2019. Because the high-quality products are made specifically for you, with a price that suits everyone, we are here to satisfy your demands, not only that! We work with great people, our suppliers and manufacturers are solid, we make sure of this by initially sending them a questionnaire to check they're on the same page as us when it comes to quality, responsibility and flexibility.


To become a famous brand shop all over the world, by offering a wide range of products that our customers needs, with the highest quality. The products must be easy to use and gentle on those who work with them and those who have them.


To offer our customers high quality products with a suitable prices for everyone and excellent after sales service. To offer products that are carefully selected to meet the needs and satisfy our customers.


We reach our customers through the brand's webshop, Instagram, Facebook and Google. We constantly offer our loyal customers ongoing offers and discounts to help them purchase our latest releases.


We choose products that are made from the best raw materials that meet EU standards and that do not contain harmful and dangerous substances.